[]Enum lumol::units::ParseError

pub enum ParseError {
    NotFound {
        unit: String,

Possible error causes when parsing an unit string.



Error while parsing a power in x^y expressions


Error while parsing the value part of an unit string


Parentheses are not balanced in this unit


This unit was not found

Fields of NotFound

unit: String

The unit that created this error


Any other error

Trait Implementations

impl Debug for ParseError

impl Display for ParseError

impl Error for ParseError

impl From<ParseError> for Error

impl From<ParseFloatError> for ParseError

impl From<ParseIntError> for ParseError

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for ParseError

impl Send for ParseError

impl Sync for ParseError

impl Unpin for ParseError

impl UnwindSafe for ParseError

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