[]Struct lumol::Mie

pub struct Mie { /* fields omitted */ }

Mie potential.

This is a generalization of the Lennard-Jones potential with arbitrary (floating point) exponents.

$$ V(r) = \epsilon \frac{n}{n - m} \frac{n}{m}^\frac{m}{n - m} \left[\left(\frac \sigma r \right)^n - \left(\frac \sigma r \right)^m \right] $$

where $\epsilon$ is an energetic constant, $\sigma$ is a distance constant, and $n$, $m$ are the repulsive and attractive exponents, respectively.


$n$ has to be larger than $m$

For $m$ smaller than 3.0, there is no analytic tail correction and the energy and force contributions will be set to zero.


let potential = Mie::new(/*sigma*/ 2.0, /*epsilon*/ 10.0, /*n*/ 12.0, /*m*/ 6.0);
assert_eq!(potential.energy(2.0), 0.0);
assert!(f64::abs(potential.energy(3.0) + 3.203365942785746) < 1e-8);

assert_eq!(potential.force(2.0), 120.0);


impl Mie

pub fn new(sigma: f64, epsilon: f64, n: f64, m: f64) -> Mie

Return Mie potential.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Mie

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impl Potential for Mie

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impl UnwindSafe for Mie

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