[]Struct lumol::sim::output::CustomOutput

pub struct CustomOutput { /* fields omitted */ }

The CustomOutput writes data into a file from an user-provided template.

The template string can contain mathematical expressions, using some physical properties of the system. These mathematical expressions must be enclosed in braces ({}). Here are some examples:

Here is a list of all accepted properties:


impl CustomOutput

pub fn new<P>(
    filename: P,
    template: &str
) -> Result<CustomOutput, CustomOutputError> where
    P: AsRef<Path>, 

Create a new CustomOutput writing to the file at filename using the given template. The template is only partially validated at this stage.

Trait Implementations

impl FromToml for CustomOutput

impl Output for CustomOutput

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for CustomOutput

impl Send for CustomOutput

impl Sync for CustomOutput

impl Unpin for CustomOutput

impl UnwindSafe for CustomOutput

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