[]Struct lumol::sim::min::SteepestDescent

pub struct SteepestDescent { /* fields omitted */ }

Steepest descent minimization algorithm.

This method propagates the system along the gradient of energy to find a minimum. Although easy to use, it will not converge in all situations.


impl SteepestDescent

pub fn new() -> SteepestDescent

Create a new SteepestDescent minimizer

Trait Implementations

impl FromToml for SteepestDescent

impl Minimizer for SteepestDescent

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for SteepestDescent

impl Send for SteepestDescent

impl Sync for SteepestDescent

impl Unpin for SteepestDescent

impl UnwindSafe for SteepestDescent

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