[]Struct lumol::input::Input

pub struct Input { /* fields omitted */ }

An input file for Lumol.


impl Input

pub fn read_system(&self) -> Result<System, Error>

Get the the simulated system.

impl Input

pub fn read_simulation(&self) -> Result<Simulation, Error>

Get the the simulation.

impl Input

pub fn new<P>(path: P) -> Result<Input, Error> where
    P: Into<PathBuf>, 

Read the file at Path and create a new Input from it.

pub fn from_str(path: PathBuf, string: &str) -> Result<Input, Error>

Read the Input from a TOML formatted string.

pub fn read(&self) -> Result<Config, Error>

Read input file and get the corresponding Config

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Input

impl Send for Input

impl Sync for Input

impl Unpin for Input

impl UnwindSafe for Input

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