Lumol is written in rust (why?), and you will need a Rust compiler to compile it. You can find rust installation instructions here, or use your system package manager. Lumol also depends on some C++ libraries, so you will need a C++ compiler and CMake to be installed.

Lumol is tested on Linux and OS X, and should build on Windows without any issue. You will need a C++11 capable compiler on Windows (MSVC > 15 or Mingw with gcc > 4.9). Be sure to pick the corresponding version of the Rust compiler.

When all the dependencies are installed on you system, you can install the the latest development version with:

cargo install --git lumol

This command will download and install lumol in ~/.cargo/bin/lumol, where ~ is your home directory. You may want to add ~/.cargo/bin to your PATH or move the lumol binary in another directory accessible in your PATH.

You can check that the installation worked by running

lumol --version