[]Struct lumol::energy::SharedEwald

pub struct SharedEwald(_);

Thread-sade wrapper around Ewald implementing CoulombicPotential.

This wrapper allow to share a Ewald solver between threads (make it Send + Sync) while still using caching in Monte Carlo simulations (with interior mutability).


impl SharedEwald

pub fn new(ewald: Ewald) -> SharedEwald

Wrap ewald in a thread-safe structure.


let ewald = SharedEwald::new(Ewald::new(12.5, 10, None));
let boxed: Box<dyn CoulombicPotential> = Box::new(ewald);

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for SharedEwald

impl CoulombicPotential for SharedEwald

impl GlobalCache for SharedEwald

impl GlobalPotential for SharedEwald

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for SharedEwald

impl Send for SharedEwald

impl Sync for SharedEwald

impl Unpin for SharedEwald

impl UnwindSafe for SharedEwald

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