Lumol is written in rust (why?), and you will need a Rust compiler to compile it. You can find installation instructions here, or use your system package manager (Rust is available on Fedora, and with Homebrew on OS X). Lumol also depends on some C++ libraries, so you will also need a C++ compiler and CMake to be installed.

Lumol is tested on Linux and OS X, and should build on Windows without any issue. You will need a C++11 capable compiler on Windows (MSVC > 15 or Mingw with gcc > 4.9). Be sure to pick the corresponding version of the Rust compiler.

When all the dependencies are installed on you system, you can install the latest release of Lumol using:

cargo install lumol

and the latest development version with:

cargo install --git

Both of these commands will download and install the lumol command in ~/.cargo/bin/lumol, where ~ is your home directory. You may want to add ~/.cargo/bin to your PATH or move the lumol binary in another directory accessible in your PATH.